Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

The Coaches Corner encourages meaningful training as an important component to improve your bowls. Use your practice time to focus on developing skills.  Maybe practice the shot(s) that you had trouble with in your last game.   In addition, when you need help, seek out one of the coaches.  They will be able assess your problem and suggest practice drills for your improvement.

In the meantime have a look through the following for what would suit you and your bowls needs for the first month of the season, these will be starting post daylight savings.

Training sessions – coaches corner

To be advised – possibly Wednesday Nights 45 minute sessions (4.30 – 6.30pm)

Skill drills and positional practice.

We will be looking to set up drills that will help with whatever position you play. There will be scoring sheets available for those who would like to keep track of progress.

Anyone who has a specific issue they would like to work on can ask for a one on one sessions on the night as well. Ray O’Halloran is assisting with coaching and is running drills particularly for players in sides 3 and 4.

Thursday Nights  1 Hour sessions (4.00 – 6.30 pm).  

coaches corner
Team and rink training

We will be working on games and skills that help on Pennant day. A focus always on the benefit for the team in what we are running.

Games and plans will be on the board for those who get there early.

These nights are for ALL players, so please join in if you would like to.

Also one on one sessions available on the night if required.

The club is a great place to be on a Friday, feel free to pop down and limber up for the weekend ahead. As always the bar will be open for those who want to sit around for a chat afterwards

Saturday Morning Pre-game

Please take the session as more than just a loosen up, train as you would play.  You can now practise at away venues from 11.30 onwards.

Sunday Mornings 1 hour sessions (10.30 am – 12.00 pm)

These sessions will work on what you felt may have gone wrong the day before or just on getting some new ideas on your play and how you can improve.

Take advantage of one of our finest players knowledge.

We are fortunate to have a range of skilled coaches:

Head coach – Guy Spiden ; Other coaches;  John Higgins, David Purves

Learn to Bowl video published by Bowls Australia

Bowls Technical Excellence Series – The Delivery

Video courtesy of Bowls Canada

Other links to useful videos

This video shows some top bowlers who go through the process of a pre delivery routine and developing a consistent delivery.

This video highlights common problems that players have delivering a bowl.