Club Champions

Club Champions

We congratulate our Men’s and Women’s Club Champions

 Men’s Club Champion

Men's Champion - Brayden Ellis


 Women’s Club Champion

Women's Champion - Sue Evans


Winners of other Club Championships


Results for 2019/20

Mens Club Singles Champion

Winner:  Brayden Ellis

Runner up: Cliff Lynch

Womens Club Singles Champion

Winner:  Sue Evans

Runner up: Laurel Montgomery

Minor Singles

Winner:   Anne Greening

Runner up: Arthur Bourtsos

Open Pairs

Not yet completed due to Covid 19 restrictions

Stan Blight/ Brayden Ellis vs Arthur Bourtzos/ Max McGuire

President’s Handicap

Winners:  John Rose

Runners up: Ken Montgomery

Open Triples

Winners: Laurel and Ken Montgomery, Frank Whillans

Runners up:Bronwyn Bannan, John Higgins, Cliff Lynch

Mixed Pairs

Winners:  Laurel Montgomery, Ken Montgomery

Runners up: Peggy Lynch, Cliff Lynch

Best Player Awards

These awards will be presented at the Presentation and Celebration afternoon 0n 27 September 2020

Saturday Pennant Best Player Award:

Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

Side 4:

Midweek Pennant Best Player Award:

Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

Most Improved Player Award