New to Bowls

New to bowls and want to try it out?

What is it about?

Lawn Bowls is a sport that anyone can play, regardless of age or ability. It’s easy to learn and can be as relaxed or as competitive as you want to make it. This video prepared by Bowls Canada explains this world sport.

How to get started 

All you need is flat-soled shoes.
The club will provide bowls to get started.
Casual dress is fine.
Coaching is free. It is done in a relaxed way at a time to suit you – available every Sunday and at other times.
Try to play some social bowls games during winter.

Contact John Higgins on 0409 175 239 to get you started.

Want to keep playing?

You can enter social games, tournaments and play pennant. You can play as much or as little as suits you.  More details of games are available here.  Get advice from the coaches on the type and size of bowls that will best suit you.You will need uniform for competition. The players wear coloured clothing.  The days of having to wear all white clothing are gone.

What will it cost?

Initially nothing.
First year membership for new bowlers – minimal!  This is done in recognition that there are other costs to get the uniform, shoes and bowls.
Uniform and shoes need to be purchased.
Bowls – new or secondhand.
Green fees are $8 per game.

Other info

Traditionally a sport for older people, bowls is now becoming more popular as a younger person’s sport.  The Victorian and Australia teams are predominately made up of 20 – 40 year olds.  Many of our older bowler wish that they had taken up the sport 20 years earlier.